How Ordering Works


1.) Select a Premium Recipe

  • Dogs: Chicken & Brown Rice – Nutritious recipe with high quality chicken, rice, fruits & veggies
  • Dogs: Grain Free Chicken & Field Pea – Grain free high-protein diet for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities
  • Dogs: Grain Free Whitefish & Duck – Essential fats and oils for skin & coat health in addition to balanced nutrition
  • Dogs: Grain Free Buffalo & Chickpea – Great for easy digestion and a limited ingredient (single protein) diet for dogs with sensitivities to other foods.
  • Puppies: Healthy Growth Puppy Food – Based on our Chicken & Brown Rice, but with slightly higher calories, protein, & fat for growing pups.
  • Cats: Chicken, Herring & Tuna – USA chicken along with fish, veggies and fruits like cranberry to help with urinary tract health

2.) Determine the amount of food you need for your chosen delivery frequency (4, 6, or 8 weeks) and add it to your cart

  • There are about 4 cups per 1 pound of our food, here’s our feeding chart
  • Add 10% extra for your first order. You can easily change the amount for future deliveries

3.) Checkout and your food will be delivered this upcoming Wednesday

  • You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and a link to your personal portal showing future deliveries.
  • You can modify future deliveries online at any time and there is no obligation whatsoever.

4.) See the difference in your pet.