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About Us

Meet our dogs Darla and Roody. These two beautiful pups are at the center of the Lake Erie Pet Food Co. story. Not so long ago, we switched them to an all-natural premium food. Suddenly, they had more pep, their coats were softer and shedding less, their breath was better and they just seemed happier.

We couldn’t believe the difference it made.

That was when we knew we had to help other pet owners learn about what goes into their pet food and why it matters.

The mission of Lake Erie Pet Food is centered on helping folks understand what to look for in pet food and the kind of impact it has on their four-legged loved ones. At Lake Erie Pet Food Co., we believe in promoting pet health and wellness through convenient nutrition and education so our customers' pets enjoy long, healthy and happy lives.

Our pet food is locally made in small batches and provides the nourishment your pets need with only the best ingredients – meat is always the first ingredient and we don’t include allergens like corn, wheat or soy.

And, we strive to make it as easy possible for you. Order and manage your food conveniently online and we deliver it to your home monthly. Your pets get fresh food that never sits in a warehouse or on a shelf and you never have to worry about running out to the pet store again.

If you have any questions about how and what to feed your pets, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – there’s nothing that we like more than talking about your pets! Contact us at (216) 505-1738 or Info@LakeEriePet.com.