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Whether your dog has a sensitive stomach, itchy, scratchy skin allergies or you just want to feed your pup better, we have the right recipe for you.

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No matter what recipe you pick for your dog, they’re getting wholesome nutrition they will thrive on. If your pup has specific issues you may try these reccomended recipes

  • Itchy Skin / Licking Paws


    Salmon & Brown Rice

    Whitefish & Duck

    Fish has naturally occurring Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation caused by allergic immune response and is easy to digest for dogs.

  • Sensative Stomach


    Lamb & Brown Rice

    Buffalo & Chickpea

    All of our recipes have prebiotics and probiotics to assist with gut health. Lamb & Buffalo are lean red meats that are easier dogs to digest.

  • Overall Health


    Chicken & Brown Rice

    Chicken & Field Pea

    Chicken is a great protein that many dogs crave. If your dog has healthy skin, rare digestive issues and loves to eat chicken, these are two great options!

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