about our food

About Our Food

The Very Best Ingredients. Every recipe we offer is all-natural and made with fit-for-human-consumption meats, fruits and vegetables.

  • No corn, wheat, gluten or soy
  • No meat or poultry by-products
  • No GMO grains, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

    The Freshest Dry Food You Can Get.  Our food is made fresh each month and delivered to you within weeks so your food never sits in a warehouse or on a shelf as nutrients break down.

    We Value Quality and Safety.  Our food is made in an APHIS EU certified facility that has been making premium pet food for over 40 years with ZERO recalls.

    We’re here for you. We’re a local company and our goal is to provide the best experience for you and your pets.  If you have any questions, special needs, or find yourself running out of food for the month, just give us a call or reach out on our website.

    No matter what recipe you pick for your furry friend, they’re getting wholesome nutrition that will help them live long, healthy lives.